Monday, May 10, 2010

Amateur men cross dressing in their wives lingerie, short skirts and corsets and jerking off in front of other sissy men

Mistress demands to be served. Slave bring her a tray of fresh fruit, its inferior. Its it tossed on the floor and stepped on and crushed by mistress naked feet. She tells the slave he will eat it off of her feet. He is fed by her toes kissing worshipping her feet as he eats the fruit. Now her feet need to be bathed. A warm basin is used and a soft towel. This slave assist her in putting on her spiked heel shoes. He sucks the heels like a whore. Mistress puts this slave on his knees across the chair and spanks his ass bright red with her bare very strong hands. he is humiliated slave.

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  1. this hunger is one i share. dressing in secret hoping to be found out and made to flourish in a new, submissive, femme identity

  2. I love the sissy feeling of dressing in pantyhose and sucking a cock!

    Fuck Ass